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It has never been aesthetically possible to simply design orthopedic shoes and it takes a lot of work and technical techniques to develop something that is both substantial and comfortable for people at the same time. It has always been observed that people who are busy throughout the day develop certain foot or ankle complaints and therefore end up sacrificing those lovely pairs of shoes. However, the orthopedic shoes enabled people to find a solution to their existing foot and ankle conditions so that they could also surrender and make peace with the not-so-attractive shoes.

To meet the needs of these people, Alegria shoes were introduced. Alegria shoes are complemented by mixing fashion with the structural comfort and ease of use of the shoes. Alegria has been well able to make shoes that not only fit and do the job, but also feel great to wear. Let’s take a look at the few designs introduced exclusively by Alegria Shoes:

  1. Paloma shoes from Alegria

The Paloma shoes from Alegria are a typical Mary Jane style that is very easy to wear. It also comes in huge variations of colors and materials. The basic dishes are a Velcro on the top that has ornate details of the button. The strap is pretty adjustable to suit all types of foot widths. Several colors and materials are waiting for the Paloma collection from Alegria and the Paloma from Alegria Shoes, there are absolutely no limits.

  1. The Sedona of Alegria

Sedona is a typical shoe with the rocker outsole and an interlocking footbed with a gentle and subtle, arched support for the shoe. The variations in the Sedona collection also inspire and play with different types of materials and colors, which offer you enormous possibilities.

  1. The Seville of Alegria

Saville is Alegria’s backless shoe that immediately became popular when it was first released. It is available in different colors and also for different sizes. These different styles have adjustable levels to meet the needs of different people’s fit.

  1. The classic shoe from Alegria

With the classic collection, Alegria has created the gear style shoes with a unique design where the straps have been removed to improve the breathability of the shoe and provide comfort to the foot. Like almost every other collection, these shoes also have a multitude of variations in terms of materials, colors and sizes.

  1. The Feliz from Alegria

Feliz is a generic shoe that is a casual, flat shoe with a special mini bottom that fits lower above the ground and makes your feet comfortable while walking. It also has an adjustable strap to accommodate sizes.

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