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Looking perfect on the wedding day is every bride’s dream. You can look flawless on the biggest day of your life by choosing the right style of wedding attire. Some of the hottest and trendiest wedding attire styles are detailed in the sections below so you can figure out which one is best for you.

Ball gown:

Ball gowns are like giant skirts and perfect for brides with boyish figures. Wearing this type of dress would make her look curvier and more appealing. If your size is shorter, this wedding dress is not recommended as you would be swallowed up in its fullness.


A mermaid-shaped dress defines a sleek, curvaceous, tapered skirt that runs through your hips and thighs and flares up below your knees. It’s a perfect call if you have an hourglass figure.


This wedding dress style follows the natural line of the body and does not flare up. Also known as the vagina, it is a great choice for shorter women as it elongates the slenderness of the shape a little.

Drop waist:

A dropped waist wedding dress flares and falls just below your hip area. It’s best for the brides who want to flaunt their shape and cut centers. This style is not recommended for brides with boxy figures.

In addition, there are many other wedding dress styles on the market. Maybe you can find the one that suits your body best.

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