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Antique Bedroom Rug

It is very interesting to tinker in carpets and antiques, because the craft of carpet weaving goes back thousands of years. It is known that the carpets in Greece, Persia and Siberia have reached their peak in fine weaving and in elaborate pictorial designs for 850 years before Christ. You can imagine how long ago it has been to weave carpets in human civilizations around the world. Carpets woven with real wool and other natural filaments of material do not wear off and are not torn unless insects and rodents cut them. The bodies of noblemen in Greece and Siberia were covered with precious and artfully designed, elegant carpets centuries before Christ. Now we have antique Persian, Turkish and Greek rugs that seduce people all over the world. The vintage look of carpets is fascinating. With an elegant rug to tell, you transform a very ordinary room into a high class and comfortable interior.

Antique Carpets – Intimate Feelings

The feel and look of beautiful carpets in your bedroom is something to look forward to. You can have every precious soft and contemporary rug in your bedroom, but an antique piece has its own personality and appeal that connects you to hundreds and thousands of days of human civilization and history. They give you a sense of intimacy that makes them very suitable for your bedroom. When you're done with the tedious tasks and have the night to yourself, you'll feel the true relaxation as you step barefoot on your bedroom carpet with your partner and enjoy double comfort. The eye-soothing colors and designs that take you to a different world of myths and stories will calm your mind. Do not miss the opportunity to be pampered with an antique bedroom carpet!

Great selection of designs and styles

With years of history and sophisticated styles you never leave a carpet shop empty-handed. There is every detail and beauty to soothe your heart. The choice of colors is so big that you wonder how to choose a rug over the other, and finally it pulls on your heart so hard that you can not leave it anymore. Reds in yellow, white and beige are very popular. Blue shaded rugs look cool. Gray or brown shades in carpets give the viewer a sense of antiquity. Rainbow mixed-color carpets liven up the environment with life. Cream-colored and lightly shaded carpets spread a very peaceful feeling in the environment. They have all these and more choices in antique bedroom carpets. The artisans have left no design idea or color shade without considering them when weaving carpets.

Civilizations were built on beautiful carpets in the Middle East and Asia and thrive there. They were part of the luxurious lifestyle of nobles and knights. You can also have the pride of experiencing the luxury of living with an antique bedroom carpet!

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