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Antique Cupboard

If you have seen "The Chronicles of Narnia: The Lion, the Witch, and the Wardrobe," you must already be familiar with these antique cabinet designs. The nostalgic feeling that the sight of them elicits is one that creates a sense of joy and longing to acquire exactly those cabinets. Adding them to your home will forever create a vintage and surreal touch that is unmatched by any other entity. The locked doors make you curious. "There must be something unique and precious in it – maybe a treasure chest or an antique jewelry box!" One can not resist the urge to open one quietly and secretly to see what it holds.

Antique cabinets in your living room

This storage option made of pure solid wood is unique for your living room. One with glass doors seems to be more suitable for placing them in your dining room, where the sophisticated china plates and the dishes inside them make a classic impression. In your living room you can also place one with glass doors, but the carved doors of an antique cupboard look more beautiful in your living room. Cleverly polished, the outer surface of these cabinets, which reflects the light, steals the glances. You can put everything of you in it; Most decorative is the external appearance of these antique pieces. Do not place vases or other decorative items on carved cupboards. With other furniture from the same antique category, you can create a whole environment that reflects a particular theme or idea. When pieces of furniture fit together, your living room looks undoubtedly striking!

Brown or blue

You probably think that chocolate brown is the color that connects these cabinets to the old days gone by. But even blue colors look equally antique. The choice of color depends on your interior design, other pieces of furniture and cabinet carvings. Mostly, brown-painted antique cabinets make a bold statement when designed with carved wooden doors. They look more appealing. Blue cabinets are mostly plain, but you can enhance their look by covering the floor with a matching carpet of color and upholstering your living room furniture in various blue colors. It is your creativity and imagination that can bring your living room into a completely different environment – most likely wonderful.

An antique cabinet in your bedroom can be for an antique bedroom theme. Choose a cabinet that meets all your storage needs, so you'll need another one, as two antique wardrobes in a bedroom are not a fancy sight.

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