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Antique Living Room

Setting up an antique living room is a challenge! A little negligence and the placement of a small contemporary object spoil the whole theme. The paintings on the walls and the vases in the corners must also be completely compatible with the antique theme. Creating the right antique living room according to the construction of the house, the window direction and the size of the room requires great effort and imagination. If you go through a series of pictures of living spaces that are old and antique, you can find the code that works for your living room.


Keep the furniture of your living room – from a single dresser to the entire seating group – according to your chosen antique theme. A bookshelf, an entertainment center, a magazine rack, a lamp stand and all the small pieces of furniture are purchased separately to furnish the space. Make sure that all these items match the main furniture to create harmony in the living room.


Choose graceful colors for your living room. They greatly enhance the value of your living room and complement the antique idea. From wall paints to carpets on the floor, including upholstery, curtains and furniture, the color should always be solid. Living rooms with bay windows need a color theme that blends with the extra light that blesses the room during the day. Old white stands for a particularly bright environment and slightly darker and duller tones for cooler effects.


Oil paintings, decorative objects and wall hangings must come from an ancient theme of an epoch that is central to the living room. As you highlight the era of the 60s, get the decorative items that connect your space with this time. If you want to create an antique Victorian theme, you will find all the decorative items that represent Victorian art. In any case, add a plant or two in the corners to bring light and fresh feelings to the room.


With the right lighting, you can maximize the antique effects in your living room. If the walls are decorated with large paintings, a faint light should be placed over them. Yellow light colors on an old painting look fantastic! Attach a vintage-style chandelier in the center. Candlestick looks good. Find two matching pendant lights for both sides of the chandelier and do not choose very bright white lighting options as they keep your living room from the antique theme. Candlestick looks good. Try different light colors in light bulbs and see what creates the best antique aura in your living room. Only if you furnish your antique living room with style and grace, it remains attractive to the eyes.

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