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Art Deco Interior Design

Away from romance and superfluous details, Art Deco interior design is a bold and glamorous way to make your home. Although it is an old style to design your home, which existed in the 1920s and 1930s, it is back in vogue and you can revive a lot of memories by putting this design into practice. The angular and geometric shapes look unique and after seeing many houses with modern designs and shapes, you will feel comfortably different in a house with Art Deco interiors. This change is very welcome as the monotonous styles and designs get on your nerves.

Variety of topics

The themes for Art Deco interior design are numerous. When a topic is selected for a house, make it visible in every step of the house building. Pick the topic of branches, leaves and quills. On the window glass, on the walls, in the garden, around the swimming pool – if any – along the staircase and even the floor must be some fantastic carved branches and leaves or quills.

Another topic is nude photos. Now imagine a home with files or stylized animals, another interesting topic. Rafter and zigzag can confuse you, at least for a moment, if you do not get dizzy. The sunburst theme radiates life and hope. You would love it for many reasons when you are at home. The sun is the biggest source of light and life. Having Sunburst images throughout your home is enough inspiring and kindling hope in your heart.

How to design your home with Art Deco motifs

  • The first thing you focus on are Art Deco Home design colors. Choose bold and eye-catching colors with lots of contrast. Choose green, orange, red, blue, yellow and pink. If you combine the designs with silver or black, the colors look more powerful. To soften the hues, try beige and cream in the living room, bedroom and dining room. Contrasts that develop with cream-colored and lacquered polished furniture are deeply art deco.
  • Exotic wood furniture and mirrored pieces are the best options. Art Deco furniture is usually large, but has streamlined shapes.
  • Choose fabric for sheets and covers that is geometric or plain. No need for flowers or plaid fabric. Add pillows with monochrome contrasts. These can highlight your interior. Do whatever falls into the category of "fat".
  • Abstract floor designs made of linoleum give the best. You can also go for black and white tiles if you do not mind becoming very typical.
  • Carpets with large geometric patterns in old colors are also a good choice for the floor. Opt for this as an alternative to tiles.

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