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Asian Inspired Decor

Culturally diverse and rich in colors and designs Asia is the part of the world where you can gather lots of ideas and find plenty of material to put your ideas into practice. While you create the environment of your home in any style, add some spice to the ambience by selecting some Asian artifacts. They always have a large selection of handmade items, colorful pieces of decoration and various types of carpets and wooden furniture that represent Asia's rich cultural heritage.

Carpets for floor and walls

Turkey, Iran, Afghanistan and the Russian states are known for their high-quality carpets. Fabulous designs and high quality materials have brought these rugs to the utmost in elegance and style. Choosing some colorful rugs with elaborate patterns can add warmth and vibrancy to your living room. Add matching wallpaper, lampshades and pillowcases to make sure the entire environment responds to your carpet. A mall carpet for the walls looks great behind the sofa. The walls of the living room are mostly decorated with framed pictures. Her Asian-inspired decor style requires a rug that depicts an ancient Iranian or Greek myth. A carpet on an empty wall has a strong impact on the environment, especially if you have tried to find a unique and colorful carpet.

Carved furniture

Sophisticatedly carved furniture is the hallmark of Asian-inspired décor. If you have two wooden chairs with beautifully carved backrests and colorful cushions in your living room, you may not need to do more. The wall mirrors with carved wooden frames have a big impact on the environment. Arrange a wall mirror with carved chairs or a small table in the living room and add color to your Asian-inspired décor. Be arranged with artificial flowers on the side tables or on the wall around the mirror.

Ceramic stool or vases

Ceramic Chinese garden stools are a great decoration idea for your living room. Vases with beautiful Chinese paintings are also a good source for getting in touch with Asian decor. These small objects are available in trendy colors and designs. The choice lies in your interior and at home.


Who can miss the statutes of Buddha for Asian-inspired decor at home? There are small, large, stone, ceramic, wood and clay statues, but from a mud-colored clay statue it looks more original and antique. There are man-sized statues to tiny elephant and lion statues that look majestic in your living room.

You can have a rich combination of more than one of the above items in your Asian-inspired decor. Be sure to consider the size of your rooms and corridors before selecting the artifacts.

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