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From teenage girls to older women, everyone craves Mary Janes. Mary Janes (American name) is a shoe with a broad, round toe, a tiny heel and, most importantly, a strap pulled over the strap. These shoes had evolved over the years, flattering the fusionists with their funky and ruffled appearance.

Fabulous selection of shoes

Gradually, these fabulous shoes became the must-have shoes in a girl’s wardrobe. Regardless of age, Mary Jane shoes have filled the hearts of many teenage girls and women with their flirtatious looks. Do you know why many girls of all ages crave these shoes? With these adorable shoes a girl feels like a woman and a woman like a girl. Mary Janes are so popular that Fergie, a famous musician and singer, penned lyrics to commemorate her mania for those flirty shoes.

Girls love them

One of the reasons girls love Mary Jane shoes is because they have evolved into different models and styles throughout history. Mary Janes with low heels is replaced by high heels. Backs are replaced by backless mules; and moreover used for both casual and formal occasions, from office to Rialto.


Lots of shoes came and lots of styles were introduced, but Mary Janes is the one that is constantly evolving with the modern world of fashion and, in addition, corresponds to the girl’s desires and perspectives. Now, the sultry fashion buzz is not only that the girls love Mary Jane, but the mature women too.

These shoes have a kind of strap across the instep and are often supplied with low heels and rounded closed toes. Traditionally they are worn by girls, but in the past they were also worn by boys. Nowadays, these shoes are very popular and attractive even with women of all ages.

Mary Jane’s shoes replaced the standard T-bar we all grew up with. However, just like the traditional “T-bar”, it is still essential to purchase it for yourself or your daughter.

that the fit is assessed congruently before you wear it. As a shoe technologist, I’ve seen Mary Janes grow in popularity for the past 12 years. However, I’ve also seen the damaging effects they can have on your foot if not successfully adjusted. Here are some tips to help you determine if you are buying shoes that will best fit your foot. So you can also buy such great shoes online that you can easily get one for your loved ones later so that they can experience something unusual and yet pleasant when they wear it right away.

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