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Bathroom Countertops

There are so many materials for making vanity tops. People may spend a lot of time trying to find the best worktops that combine beauty and functionality. This article will help you to easily and effectively select the worktop.


This material is one of the most popular materials for bathroom worktops. It looks beautiful, expensive and natural. You can choose from a variety of colors and patterns. This material is scratch resistant. Granite requires minimal maintenance due to its hardness and durability. Granite is resistant to moisture and other damage. For example, if you accidentally put a hot curling iron on it, it would not be damaged.


It is one of the hardest and most popular minerals for the bathroom counter. Quartz is very resistant to moisture and bacteria. This type of bathroom worktops is easy to install. Besides, it has many edge treatments.

Solid surface

If you use a contemporary decor, you will like solid surface materials. As a rule, they consist of acrylic resin and gravel. The solid surface remains unchanged for a long time despite the influence of water and bacteria. With realistic spots this material looks like a natural stone.


Marble is an elegant material that has always been associated with wealth and privileges. Nowadays it is more affordable. There are many color variants of marble. It is a durable material. You can polish it to high gloss or a casual matt finish if necessary. It will look fantastic in different styles.

There are so many different materials for bathroom counterparts. You can always find the best for your interior.

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