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Bathroom Rugs

Bath rugs are more about safety than design. Like mobile phone cases. They protect your phone from scratches and bumps (and give it an artistic touch). Wet feet and bottoms (or vice versa) can not be combined well. It can have dire consequences for you or your loved ones. However, you can save yourself the trouble of tidying up after showering by putting on a bath mat.

Bath rugs are simple and do not cost much. They are available in many colors and designs to add some momentum to the floor. You may want to choose a rug with a sturdy underside to prevent it from slipping on entering.

Store your rugs directly in front of the shower area or bathtub. This will wipe your feet dry when you come out of the shower. You can also place these rugs outside your bathroom so that wet feet will not soil the carpet or the floor. These carpets can also be useful in winter when the bathroom floors are just too cold to stand on. They can provide your feet with comfort (and make the cold more bearable).

If your bathrooms have a lot of traffic, choose washable carpets. There are latex-backed rugs that mimic the look of more expensive carpets. You can either throw them in the washing machine or clean them on site.

However, the use of bath rugs is not limited to wiping your feet. You can put a wool rug in front of the vanity, but make sure you do not step on it directly from the shower or that your bathroom is big enough so you do not run over it with wet feet.

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