Bath curtains are a necessity both for the purpose of privacy and for the stylish design of the entire bathroom. A decorative bath window curtain completes the decor in the bathroom. Opt for curtains that are either textured or bright and airy with the room.

Curtains should be monochrome and have a neutral color tone, such as cream, ivory or beige, that matches and complements the theme of the room. Add a touch of charm to your bathroom with dainty curtains with lace trim or crocheted curtains. Simple curtains with ruffle hem in a contrasting color or the same color will definitely add elegance to the bathroom.

Floral curtains or printed curtains, such as a butterfly pattern, add sophistication when complemented with matching printed accessories. The bathroom fabric window curtain sets come with 2 tiebacks and 2 self-adhesive hooks for easy installation. You can even get matching shower curtains and sink skirts to complete the look. Vinyl curtains and polyester fabric curtains are quite popular because they can easily be wiped off with a detergent.

Add a touch of class to your bath window curtains by adding either striped curtains or plain curtains with a striped border. Transparent or embroidered curtains are another variety that looks really good in any color with a scarf hanging over the curtains. Curtain blinds could be another option instead of curtains and have a royal and luxurious look. Curtains can be easily mounted with oversized eyelets.

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