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Wearing ball gowns is every teenage girl’s dream. You can never have too many cocktail dresses in your closet. The designers have created a lot of interesting styles for prom night. Well, it seems like they kept an eye on the young blood.

When choosing a dress, everyone has their own personal taste and choice. Most importantly, choose a different color combination, design and style than the others. While talking about a color combination, black and white may come first on everyone’s imagination. This fantastic fusion suits every body and every shape. With the ball gowns you can go as short as you want and for as long as you want.

Black and white dresses have become the popular choice and girls get gaga for theses. Girls who want a chic look without paying a fortune can buy cheap prom dresses. The range of this type of clothing is endless. Since there are different areas in society, there are also different types of price ranges. Choose the wish that does not weigh heavily on your bag, and bring out your flair look.

Check out some types of black and white ball gowns:

Zebra style ball gowns:

The ball gowns that look like a zebra are worn on many prom nights. The mix of black and white makes you out of this world.

Black dress with the white polka dots:

A full black dress with some white polka dot prints will make you feel like a princess. If you want to flaunt your fun look, go for the polka dot style.

Black and white stripes in the ball gowns:

One of the trendy looks is the bandeau style with a striped pattern and the bottom in a contrasting design. The use of stripes can be seen near the waist.

Single printed black and white ball gown:

In the summer or spring, prints became famous by being accepted by a number of young girls. You can play with different prints and give it a place on your ball gown. The black dress with white print gives you a cool and attractive look. The animal print designs are also becoming popular these days.

Matching black and white accessories:

The black and white prom dresses themselves look pretty, but you can wear many different types of accessories. A pair of shoes or heels and a matching clutch are enough to achieve a gorgeous look. If you want a look at the mix of pure white and black, try the antique jewelry that goes with the design of the dress. Have a clutch in your hands and wear a similar watch.

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