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Beaded Curtains

Beaded curtains are very easy to make and will give your home more and more art. When you make them yourself, it is important that you are able to create the most appropriate designs. You can make either the colored string, the transparent beaded curtain or the patterned beaded curtains.

Patterned beaded curtains

To make patterned bead curtains, you need to choose the most suitable design, such as the bird shaped beads, the multicolored beads or the small toy fish pearls. Arrange your strands and colored straws in position.

Measure the width and length of your window to determine the exact length of your curtains. If you are sure of the exact length, you can start working on your beaded curtains, cut off the required length of string, and tie knots at one of the knots it ends to make a loop.

Thread the beads and straws of your choice into the string and tie another at the second end of the string. This will form a loop that will be the top of the curtain. Repeat the same process for several strings until you get the required length.

Hang the curtain on the window. First you have to assemble the curtain rod and fasten it with clips on the window or on the door. Put each of your bead bows on the cornices, and your curtain looks glamorous.

You can repeat the same process by selecting the colored threads and removing the beaded curtain. The only difference is that you use strings that resemble the beads.

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