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Bedroom Dressers

Bedroom commodes are ideal, as they can be made the center of the room with a little room decor. You can balance with a wealth of items with visual weights and different heights. You may consider using the entire dresser to place items.

You may consider placing statement pieces, which may include a gilded vintage mirror and porcelain vases. You can add some elements that can be coordinated, such as: Candles, a necklace tree or a ring holder. Fill in the gaps by placing framed photos. You can mix jewelry boxes to fill in the gaps, or use a glass mosaic dish. You can put all the mess on the dresser in the glass mosaic bowl, z. B. Receipts for dry cleaning or small change. This also gives your room functionality and color. You do not have to cover your dresser completely.

You can consider a symmetrical, traditional arrangement by placing a large piece in the center of your dresser. You can consider putting two matching items on each side of the central artwork. You can place a large vase with pillar candles on either side of the vase.

Consider adding fresh flowers to the vase to lighten your bedroom. You have the opportunity to choose between table lamps, paintings, boxes, decorative hats, jewelry stands and much more. If you want to take a minimalist approach, you can select any item and place it in the middle. You can leave the rest of the top of the bedroom chests empty.

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