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Buffet lamps are much larger than table lamps, although they are almost the same. Most buffet lamps are used to illuminate dishes on buffet tables. Otherwise, they are also used on the sides of side tables and storage cupboards in the dining room. In fact, the lamps can be used almost anywhere in the home where elegance is needed.

Tips for Buying Buffet Lamps

If you are considering buying a buffet light, the location of the light indicates which buffet light you choose. Whether for the dining room, bedroom, home office or for the nursery. Then you should also pay attention to the colors of the lamps, so that they work well with the rest of the room in which they are used.

Furnishing tips for buffet lamps

If you use the buffet lamps for your home decor, note that two lamps of the same size and color are ideal and should be placed at either end of the table where they are to be placed. The height of the lamp and the surface to which it is placed should also ideally be between 58 and 64 inches. Shorter lamps should be used as accent lamps.

The dark colored umbrellas of the buffet light do not let the light through, but shine upwards as well as downwards. Brighter shades such as white and cream that are transparent may light the light from all sides of the screen. This will give you an indication of which colors of the lampshade should be used where.

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