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The Bulova Accutron II is another wonderful creation from watchmaker Bulova known for its ancient heritage and prestige and who is proud to infuse that style and heritage into each of his creations. The Bulova Accutron II is a modern version of the famous Spaceview series.

The watch’s creators are inspired by the very first Accutron Alpha series, released in the 1960s. However, this watch also uses modern elements, which is particularly evident in its movement.

It has several interesting features, including water-resistant dials (up to 30m), curved crystals, and luminous hands so you can see the time even when it’s dark due to the wonderful fluorescence. It contains a variety of precisionist and precisionist-based quartz movements, which are another defining feature of the Spaceview series that is built into Bulova Accutron II.

An interesting feature of the watch is that the seconds hand does a sweeping movement instead of the usual ticking movements. This is also a manifestation of the typical clockwork that can be seen on quartz watches and the time is more accurate and accurate than other standard quartz watches. It’s an open dial, and the beauty lies in the fact that the design is simple in its elemental form and Bulova prides itself on the accuracy of their watches.

The Bulova Accotron II is available in different colors. These include the version made of polished steel, the version made of rose gold, the version made of black and also the version made of yellow. Depending on what you want your watch to look like, you can choose one of your preferences.

If you’re going for the cooler version, the black one is perfect for you. However, if you want to keep Bulova’s legacy and get the more classic retro look, you can go for the version in yellow gold tones. There are matching straps made of white, black and brown leather for the ultimate chic look.

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