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At the beginning of Bulova, Accutron’s unique technology was introduced in a range of watches. This particular series of watches has been machined by the Bulova artisans to create unique dial markings and innovations have been made using the Accutron plastic crystal.

The different Accutron Spaceview watches

The various models in this series have a transparent dial that reveals the internal circuitry. The green circuit and tuning fork replace most of the standard watch mechanisms on these watches. The hands are painted white and shine against the transparent dial of these watches. Take a look at the different models in this collection as indicated below.

In this legendary watch model from the Bulova Accutron Spaceview collection, the internal mechanisms are exposed instead of an opaque dial. The gold indexes are clearly visible in the steel case of the watch.

This is a standard bezel from the Bulova Spaceview collection. With this series of watches, detailed instructions were also provided to explain the inner workings of the watches.

This is a classic model from the Accutron Spaceview range. The white indexes are clearly visible on the transparent dial. The Accutron tuning fork mechanism is housed in a chunky stainless steel frame and is obvious.

This iconic watch is part of Bulova’s retro collection and belongs to the Accutron Spaceview range due to the clear dial. Such watches come with detailed instructions that explain the groundbreaking technology.

If you are wondering about the white of the indexes, they have been designed so that the time can be easily read against the transparent background of the clock. This rebuilt watch is an icon of the brand.

The legendary stainless steel watches of the Bulova Accutron Spaceview series were associated with the US space program. Time accuracy and a new type of technology characterize these watches.

Seen on the wrist of a normal man, the dimensions of an Accutron Spaceview watch are evident. This Bulova watch is a must have for space program enthusiasts and watch connoisseurs.

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