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For those who are connoisseurs and appreciate the fine art of watchmaking, they should check out the Bulova Accutron collection. The first watch in this collection appeared in the sixties and completely changed the world of fine watches. The timepieces in this collection were unlike any other and these historic pieces can still turn heads in their remarkable features and technology used.

Unique timepieces from this collection

If you look at the watch models in this collection, you will see the horological excellence that such watches exude. The timepieces are unique and masterpieces in themselves.

The see-through dial of this watch is a clever ingenious work. You have to look at it up close to believe it and marvel at its uniqueness and innovative properties.

This watch from the Bulova Accutron collection makes it a unique task to read the time from the clear dial, which shows the mechanisms of the watch at work in the backend.

The unique timepieces in this collection include several models made of stainless steel. This one in particular is a pretty one for those who appreciate fine watches.

Instead of the standard functions for the dial and chronograph, these timepieces from the 1960s collection have a transparent dial with indexes. This watch model is made of stainless steel.

Every watch that is part of the Bulova Accutron collection is unique. Take a look at the outer frame of the clock, which has a round dial inside.

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