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There are a number of types of ceiling lights that you can buy. These include chandeliers, trailers, flush-mounted and flush-mounted brackets as well as island and rail lighting, to name but a few. The type of ceiling lighting you choose depends on your theme of home decor, the care required for lighting, and the practicable use of lighting, ie. H. From the place where the ceiling lighting is used.

Chandeliers are perhaps the most commonly used lights for ceiling lighting. They are very decorative and come in many other subtypes. They are suitable for living rooms, dining rooms and corridors where there is enough space for them. Other rooms are not suitable candidates for the chandeliers.

Trailers are also a favorite among many. They are best used in living and dining rooms. They can also be used in the bedroom, but are not very suitable there. This is because the moisture, grease and dirt that are common in these other rooms cause the tags (and chandeliers) to easily attract dirt and require more cleaning than recommended.

Flush and semi-flush lighting is best for almost any room in the home, be it in the living room, dining room, bedroom, kitchen or bathroom. The semi-flush lighting has the advantage that the light penetrates both up and down and creates the illusion of a higher ceiling. A flush-mounted lighting, on the other hand, is suitable for rooms with small rooms and low ceilings.

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