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Chair For Bad Backs

Office Chairs for Bad Back: Most of us spend much more time on desks and chairs. Living on chairs can be life-threatening, especially if we sit on bad chairs day after day. Some office chairs for bad backrest are made cheaply, although they are adjustable, but they are not the best for our attitude. It's good to know that these cheap chairs are not designed for a long life, as they can decompose quickly.

The foam portion on the back and seat area is most affected because the foam worsens because it dries and flattens out due to the weight acting on it and does not recover easily. The backrest, armrest and height, which are usually adjustable at some point, do not work as expected smoothly. Because of this, such stools cause back pain and stiffness for those who use the stools.

How do you know that you have a bad attitude on your office chair when you have a bad back? Lack of exercise, stagnation is the worst position, especially if you work over a longer period of time. Always try to exercise some movement on your body, even when sitting down to avoid stiffness.

When loafing, it is very important to always pay attention to your body, be it while walking, sitting on your chair or standing. Make sure that your spine always has a well-rounded S-shape. For better health, your legs should not hang down, as this puts too much strain on your head and puts pressure on your spine, which strains your body structure

Notes on sitting: Never sit cross-legged as this puts strain on your spine. Always make sure that your knees are straight for a better sitting position.

Never sit on a low seat and do not let your feet dangle, as this will cause your pelvis to tilt back and your spine to curve. When your feet hang, it causes gravity to pull your feet up close to the ground. Tilts the pelvis backwards and balances.

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