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Choose Floor Rugs

The design of a room is incomplete without suitable floor coverings. These should be included in the design of a room or renovation. When choosing floor carpets, certain parameters such as material, style and size must be taken into account. For dining rooms, you should always consider the size of the dining table and be sure to add an additional 6 feet.

As a result, the dining chairs on the carpet are covered while pulling. The same rule applies to the living room. You must consider the size of your furniture and add extra length to ensure that all the legs of the furniture are on the floor carpet. In the bedrooms most of the floor carpet is under the bed. If you leave an additional 3 to 4 foot carpet, the carpet is exposed on the sides.

As you choose the patterns, you do not have to deal with math. In dining rooms with wooden chairs and tables, patterns make things very interesting. When choosing bedroom carpets, be sure to choose one that feels barefoot. Choosing a floor carpet in the living room is about finding a balance. Choose a rug that is plain or discreetly patterned.

When it comes to the material, choose a 100% wool rug, as it is easy to care for and clean. Viscose and silk give the room a shimmering charm. These are not suitable if you have children or pets at home.

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