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Garter belts are used for many different reasons, including the need for women to hold up their stockings on a daily basis, or some require them solely for erotic purposes as some designs are appealing and exciting. Another reason for garter belts is for brides who very often wear them under their wedding dresses while some have to wear them due to medical conditions such as venous disease. It helps to hold up stockings without rolling down the hose.

The history of the garter belt

Garter belts have been around since the beginning of the 20th century. Since women in earlier times had to replace the belt, which used to be difficult and bulky, and to solve this problem, young women and teenage girls started wearing garter belts in the 1940s.

Garter belts are usually made from materials such as a mix of rayon and spandex. They come in a band waistband thickness that can range from two to six inches while girls have had to wear them for convenience. In the 1960s, there were models for magazines showing how to attract the opposite sex, and from then on it was only viewed as an erotic work of art.

Types of stocking belts

There are different types of stocking belts to choose from. One of them is the metal garter belt, which originally replaced the belts and helped hide some imperfections along the waist while holding up stockings. This metal style garter belt had two suspenders in the front and two in the back.

Another type are rayon and elastane garter belts, a modern version of the belt. This type of belt is more fashionable and comes in a variety of colors, styles, and materials. This type of belt is now considered erotic by society due to their different designs and materials.

There are many reasons for wearing a garter belt, and whatever style the garter belt is, all of them are used for the general purpose of holding the stockings in place. Users can also enjoy the feeling of sensuality in this belt, thus providing the support any woman needs while keeping them feeling desirable. It is a fundamental element in choosing a belt that it must be comfortable to wear and this increases its usefulness.

Medical need

Some women require a supportive garter belt to wear with compression stockings above the knee. Compression stockings help, among other things, in the treatment of edema and phlebitis. In such conditions, garter belts support the stockings all day and remain comfortable all day.

Garter belts can be bought very carefully after measuring the waist. All the necessary measurements are required to assemble the straps and keep you comfortable all day. There are different types and sizes of belts available in the market. To choose from the correct knowledge of your height, you must always choose a garter belt that is more comfortable and that suits your style. For many women, it has now become a daily driver, so choosing a garter belt has also become a healing decision.

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