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A perfect prom night is every girl’s dream. You can look good, feel like a princess, and dance into the night like there’s no tomorrow. Already dreaming about what you will wear to your prom? You may feel that nothing matters more than finding the perfect ball gown. But think again, would the night be easy without a pair of stunning and comfortable shoes for your pretty feet?

How your entire ensemble complements on a fine night like the prom is important. It is imperative that the shoes match the dress you have chosen after investing so much time, money and effort. Also, take plenty of time shopping for your prom shoes to make sure nothing goes wrong on this special evening.

The right mix of comfort and style

Opt for a pair of shoes that naturally appeal to your eyes. Prom is all about looking glamorous and gorgeous. So sure you choose a strikingly beautiful piece. However, don’t get so carried away by its beauty that you forget to consider the comfort factor. Not all stunning looking shoes have the comfort you want. See what level of heels works for you. Very high heels can be very tempting, but unless you are very used to wearing these, trying them on on prom night is not a good idea. The last thing you want is to fall and embarrass yourself while dancing. Also, keep in mind that you want to run and dance all night without having sore feet.

Be creative and create your own style

If you’re one of those girls who loves to keep track of what’s inside, do your homework to determine what type of shoes are good for the season. Be innovative and adapt the trend to your personality style.

There is nothing wrong with being not an avid trend follower. You can simply pick black, silver, or gold shoes from all time favorites depending on what compliments your prom dress best and give it an edgy look by being a little creative. Maybe add something here or there. Whatever works for you!

Have a pair of spare shoes ready

If you are not already considering this, think again. A simple and cute pair of comfy shoes (could be ballet flats!) For this after prom lessons. You can just relax a little and enjoy the after hours even better.

All in all, you should choose a pair of prom shoes that match your dress, style, size, and those that you can reuse after your prom night as well. And don’t be afraid to experiment a little!

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