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Diy Bathroom Towel Storage

Keeping bath towels may be problematic given their importance and space requirements. They must be kept in the right place so that they are within reach and easily accessible. I think the best place is an arm away near the sink or sink. Ideally, it should be on both sides of the sink. However, if the bathroom is small, it can be creatively placed under or over the modern sink.

Normal cheap DIY open cabinets can be used for this. Even bookshelves or shelves can be used here and there with a little tweaking. Any piece of furniture left unused at home can be put to creative use. Even a ladder can be placed on the side and used as a bath towel storage. It gives the bathroom a rustic and vintage look with towels and other toiletries. If you put a few candles and showpieces on it, it may look more appealing.

Another option is to hang baskets on the wall of the bathroom and neatly put towels in it. It is always better to roll the towel to keep it. It takes up less space and looks neat. The icing on the cake, in contrast to the bathroom tiles, is the use of different colored towels as well as the floor covering and the decoration. Just let your creative juices flow to get you crazy ideas for storing bath towels.

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