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The Cotton pockets with drawstring are made of 100% cotton, which are used for various purposes. These bags are very practical and very durable to carry things around while shopping. These are available in the sizes 400 mm x 500 mm. They are elegantly designed with various attractive skin prints in silk texture.


These bespoke, fantastic design bags are available in beautiful colors and sizes. The material of these drawstring bags is cotton and canvas with a density of 4-12 ounces. These types of bags look wonderful because of the attractive print. Heat transfer printing is also used to create these bags.


Anyone wearing the drawstring can put anything in it. You can take groceries, supplements, shoes or clothing with you, even delicate items such as decorations. These bags are durable and flexible and fashionably designed. Due to its cotton fabric, the texture can be easily rolled up and put in handbags even when empty.


Compared to plastic or petrochemical-based bags, these drawstring bags are quite environmentally friendly. They can be easily recycled and do not cause air pollution. These bags are biodegradable. The only downside to these bags is that they shrink when washed.

This Drawstring pockets are tied with a string to open and close the mouth of the bag. You can choose a drawstring bag in your favorite color, but most of the time they are available in white color. Make your shopping easier with drawstring bags.

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