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Dream Bedrooms

Every person at some point in his life gets a picture of him dream bedroom, Being realistic and practical, our normal bedrooms are ordinary and much more functional than decorative, since we have limited resources. however dream bedroom stay for many unfulfilled wishes.

I'm turning 80 now and have always longed for something else dream bedroom at another point of life. As a kid, I wanted a bear barrel bed with good lighting that made me comfortable. When I grew up a bit, I got the pursuit of indoor fortification because I lived in cold places and thought that indoor fortress will comfort me.

Crossing the teen gave me some mature options, and my dream bedroom was to have a top floor room with an unobstructed view of the enchanting scenery outside. I wanted glass walls and ceilings for this room, so that I can enjoy stars and moonlight at night and light up my darkest moments with a skylight.

After my marriage, I wanted a chic bedroom with a sensational and intimate touch. A large window with French doors was my biggest catch of those days. I wanted every item in my room to be an icon of love. Silk-draped curtains, contemporary furniture, and dim lights could do my job. Now, when I'm 80 years old and about to die, I dream that the bedroom I'm dying in will make a heavenly impression. Decorated with white ruffles and lace curtains and bedding, soft four-poster bed and large windows and a large room from which I can fly into another world.

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