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Fainting Couch

There are many different sofas in the market. The sofas are available in different versions. A thorough search can lead to some very interesting designs. One of them is the powerlessness. We are here to enlighten you on this couch. So let's start.

What is a fainting couch?

A couch, whose back is raised at one end, is called a fainting couch. The backrest is usually located at one end of the couch, but sometimes it extends the length of the furniture. It was popular with women in the 19thth Century when they used the sofas in their "powerless rooms".

These rooms were usually separate and women used them when they needed rest or felt drowsy during the day. It must be noted that the powerless couch is still used today, but with a purpose other than its rather a decor than anything else.

Why did you need an impotent couch?

It was assumed that the fainting couches were caused, inter alia, by tight corsets. Women used to wear tight corsets. These corsets made women faint as they restricted blood flow. The impotent couch served to give them a place to rest as soon as they felt drowsy.

The next reason is the female hysteria that is now considered sexual frustration. Formerly this was treated as a disease, so the fainting couch was used as a kind of treatment table and as a convenient place to receive manual pelvic massages to "heal" them. The need to fainting lies, until today, except that the purpose has changed, because people usually use it as decoration.


The fainting couches are a work of art because they are beautiful and stylish. These chairs have withstood the test of time and are used to today. You can get one online and add a unique piece of furniture to your home.

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