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Faux Bed Headboard

Headboards can completely renew the appearance of a bed. With a simple headboard you can add a touch of style and make a personal statement. They are available in different sizes, from slightly larger than the bed to overwhelmingly large. If you want to add one, you can make it at home without taking a single inch of land and tasting less than $ 20. All you need is a tape, a spirit level, a roller (preferably a small one) and some paint.

Use the tape and spirit level to measure a rectangle on the wall behind your bed. Keep the specifications of the rectangle to your liking, but we recommend that you keep it about 3 feet above the ground and about 2 to 4 inches wider than the mattress. When you're done, fill the entire area with two coats of high gloss paint. Your bed headboard is ready now.

Alternatively, you can use other items, such as B. old mattresses, painting frames and even quilts to make a synthetic head part.

Support an old mattress behind your bed and cover it with colorful sheets. Or hang picture frames on the wall and paint the interior (you can also use crayons to design and design your own headboard). It is better to paint the headboard in contrast to the wall to improve the effect. Quilts are also a cost effective solution. Hang an old blanket with nails or curtain holders against the wall and tie the ends to the bed. You can even slip the quilt under the mattress so that it looks like a headboard.

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