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A woman’s wardrobe is somewhat near Pandora’s box … piled with a variety of goods, some hung, some stacked, and some neatly tucked away in drawers. It’s like stepping into a magical world where you see all kinds of wondrous things. Every girl has only one nightmare, which in itself is a paradox: she never has enough space in her closet … and she NEVER has anything to wear !!! Oh! The difficulties of being a girl!

And is the pretty little number in white. White skirts are a classic, they have never gone out of style, whether it’s a simple, damp cambric number or the popular denim, or ruched and ruffled, pleated or layered skirts. Wear them as a wrap, go for the maxi or the ankle length, white skirts are definitely here to stay and should definitely be a part of any girl’s ensemble.

Some styles that you absolutely must own, especially in universal white:

The Pencil Skirt: These skirts are usually knee length and fit. This number fits most body types, makes it a great evening wear and something that you would love to wear to team up with blousons or blazers.

Pleated skirts: These look gorgeous whether you wear them short, ankle-length or even full-length, like a gypsy cut. They are sporty and fun and definitely very tempting. Combine them with a halter or a camisole.

Maxi skirt: A roughened denim shirt with a button placket and a white maxi would perfectly match the summer look. The maxi length is very popular, it’s chic and fluid and perfect for a lunch break.

Miniskirt: The list would be incomplete without the “miniskirt”. If you’re confused, go straight to that tiny number and you can pair it with almost any top and look gorgeous in the end.

Circle skirt: a style that has made a comeback since the 1950s. It’s a full skirt, flowing, and on display. It is best to combine it with a body-hugging knitted top to highlight the opulence of the skirt.

Boho-Rock: It’s the quaint gypsy number that has an enchanting appeal. It runs the full length of the body, with slits, without and sometimes with a slit from the middle of the thigh, making it edgier and sexier.

A-line skirt: The A-line skirt emphasizes the waist and camouflages the hips, making it a favorite for women of all sizes. A nice little number in white is a must.

Asymmetrical skirts: layered, flowing and asymmetrical … they’re your go-to place for a family summer picnic.

Wrap skirts: They are funky and extremely chic. A wrap in white is definitely a long way to get you on top of the fashion radar.

So do not hold back this impulse any further, because it would only be a sin not to indulge in these white classics.

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