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Glass Lamp Shade

If you have opted for a glass shade, there are a few things you need to visually check. Here are some tips to help you buy a perfect glass shade.

Do not go with forgiving nature. They will spend money and need perfection. If you are unable to achieve perfection, you do not have to waste the money. You have to look for the cracks. You can also use a magnifying glass for this purpose. You also have to look at it from different angles.

Run your fingers:

Run your fingers over the surface. This will help you determine the sharpness or irregularity of the glass shade.


You have to look for the mistakes in the glass. There can be many mistakes. Some manufacturing defects can not be neglected. You have to make sure that the shadow has no defects.

Manufacturer brand:

There is always a maker's mark in the glass lampshade. You have to search for it. If the character does not exist, it means it's made by a low-level company and not original. You must make sure that there is a license plate indicating that the lamp is genuine and manufactured by a reputed company.


The last is the price. You have to check the price and make sure it is affordable. If the buyer or seller demands too much, you do not have to buy it because you can shop at any price range you want.

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