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Those who are fans of fine watchmaking will love Seiko’s elite watches. This Japanese watch brand is known to offer various watch collections, but its main focus is on elite and exclusive models based on the refinement of chronometers and movements.

The Grand Seiko properties

When you choose a watch from the Grand Seiko collection, you will find watches that lack contemporary and modern features and functions. What you will find are watches that are legendary and are meant to be cherished for generations. The timepieces are masterpieces of watchmaking and include the highest skills in this profession.

This model is a classic Grand Seiko watch. It has an automatic movement. The simple, clear dial shows the sapphire crystal and the razor-sharp hour hands.

This Grand Seiko belongs to the 9 series, where each watch has a perfect feature. This chronograph watch offers the connoisseur perfection in timekeeping.

Even if this classic watch model does not have the great gold plating, the real leather strap and the razor-sharp, polished dial hands and indexes make this watch a classic and retro piece for many.

This is a popular yet simple design from the Grand Seiko collection. These clocks differ from other clocks in the chronometer and the components that make up the clock.

The Grand Seiko watch shown above demonstrates the best features of timepieces. The simple design hides the perfection in the manufacture of the case, bezel, bracelet and movement.

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