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What started in the 18thth Century as a utility coat has now come down the trend marker with its noble and elegant atmosphere. Sartorial traditions fascinated pea coat and as a result the navy picked it up. What is important to us in our wardrobe collection is embedded in the story. At present, these have been carved from premium labels with a texture ranging from merino wool to cashmere.

We’re going to show you how to dress gracefully with pea coats here.

Get the right size

Finding the right size for yourself goes a long way in adding a touch of grace to your clothes. Pea coats should roll up at the bottom of your hips and pull gently on your back. You want to get away with the smallest possible sizes. Never go for baggy.


Pea coats are similar to blazers in a sense. The same button idea works here. Loosen the lower button to avoid the restriction of movement. However, do remember to seal the jackets to keep the iconic look.

Treat it as one layer

A pea coat is basically the outermost layer of your upper body. Cover it with shirts or t-shirts underneath for a complete looking attire. Generally, pea coats are paired with elegant clothes underneath. Your casual wear like khakis, chinos could work too.

Pea coats are an essential item of clothing for every man. It’s a great dress with almost everything clever. Pea coats add the machismo look to the men who don’t love it. Put on your pea coat and enjoy the feeling.

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