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Kids Beds Ideas

Choosing a bed for your child can be difficult as it keeps changing from one step to the next. Therefore, there are several factors that you need to consider.

As the bed is on the floor

Make sure you choose a bed that is lower on the floor, as it significantly reduces the injury rate and helps your child to get in and out of the car easily.

Fixed beds

Make sure that the connections and screws on the bed are very secure and that the bed has a smooth surface and rounded edges, especially if the frame is made of metal or wood.

Check and confirm that the bed has been made with paints and varnishes that are non-toxic. If the bed has crash barriers, make sure they are firm.

Other factors

The cot should be in the middle of the bedroom, not near windows, blind cables and doors.

Knowing the exact dimensions of the bed you have chosen is important as it helps you to choose the most suitable mattress.

Types of mattresses

There are different types of mattresses that have different densities, upholstery and sizes. Before buying, make sure you know all the features of these mattresses.

Children do not use small beds forever as they quickly switch to larger beds. Therefore, it is very easy to find the most suitable cot in most markets.

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