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Kitchen Backsplash Ideas

Kitchen cabinets are like the eyes of the kitchen, because they occupy most of the visible space and must therefore be in good condition. These kitchen backsplash ideas will make your kitchen furniture look glamorous.

Step 1: Planning

Painting your kitchen cabinets requires time and patience, as well as a perfect plan. Therefore, you must select the required primer and color. When planning, it should be noted that flat front cabinets can be painted more quickly than the raised kitchen cabinets.

Step 2: Remove the cabinet doors

As tempting as it is to paint your cabinets with doors and other hardware, it is best to remove them before painting your cupboard.

Step 3: Prepare the surfaces

Before painting, you must ensure that your surface sparkles, grease, dirt and debris are removed with the appropriate cleaning solutions. You must also thoroughly clean and dry the kitchen cabinets.

Step 4: Sand the surfaces

The next step is to sand the body surfaces before painting. This is one of the backsplash ideas for the kitchen, which always ensures that the surfaces are smooth and the paint does not adhere unevenly to it when painting. The edges must be smooth and round to facilitate the painting process.

Step 5: Apply primer

Applying the primer is important because it prevents the original color from becoming visible. It also protects the wood on the cabinets.

Step 6: Painting

This is the last step to paint the cabinets and let the paint dry; You can add another coat and let it dry until you get the note you want.

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