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Large Sofa Ideas

Get a high quality large sofa for 1196 pounds with a 5 year warranty on the structure. The sofa can comfortably accommodate four people and has a nice finish with style and curves. There is a wide selection of neutral fabrics to help you choose your color. A few pillows are spread on the sofa to make it more comfortable. You can choose between light or dark feet and beautifully angled sides.

Upgrade your apartment with a stylish fabric sofa

Built with a solid mahogany frame in the classic style with strong feet, it can easily support a weight of 500 pounds. It is well padded with high density foam and covered with soft, neutral linen. The seat and backrest are provided with loose cushions so that the cushions can be easily removed for dusting. The sofa is equipped with box spring support.

The depth of the sofa is 97 cm and has loose cushions that will make you feel pampered while relaxing.

The advantages of a large sofa

The size of the sofa takes into account the space requirements. On a large L-shaped sofa, a large number of people can sit comfortably, especially if you are accustomed to entertain. This sofa fits very comfortably in the corner of the room and can accommodate other things. This is the best option if there is a shortage of space.

The L-shaped sofa offers plenty of storage space, so all accessories can be accommodated in the storage space and the living room remains neat and tidy.

L-shaped sofa, ideal for a small living room

An L-shaped sofa can be conveniently installed in the middle or corner of the living room, leaving plenty of room. If you want to change the setting of the room, it can be easily moved. It costs about £ 1350 with a 10 year warranty on the frame. Choose the style and the room and set it up optimally.

So if you want a large sofa for your living room, choose an L-shaped one that will accommodate the maximum number of guests.

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