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A laundry sorter is actually a laundry basket with three or four separate sections in which the user can manually separate various garments. It has a well designed chrome frame with a wire mesh so the bags will not sag. The wheels under the laundry sorter can slide easily and be blocked if necessary.

Laundry sorters have separate canvas pockets or permanent dividers to store garments until the laundry day, without creating clutter in the home. Each of these canvas bags can hold one load of laundry. Either you can push the entire laundry sorter into the washroom or this work can be done with the help of a laundry basket. Each side of the car has practical handles that facilitate movement.

Items of laundry such as "white" that are to be washed at high temperatures may be placed in one area while the colored garments fit within the second. The third section can accommodate sensitive clothing or clothing that needs to be dry-cleaned. Socks and underwear or household linen can also be worn separately. After segregation, it becomes easier to take the charge from each section and then wash according to the type of clothing or the required water temperature.

A laundry sorter thus reduces the time it takes for a user to separate clothes into small, handy parts that need to be washed in a similar manner. However, a final check should always be made before you empty a laundry bag into the washing machine.

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