The most commonly used room in a home is usually a living room or a family room designed for regular family reunions. When painting a living room many considerations have to be considered, such as the size of the room, the height of the walls, the light source and the architectural element of the house. So a living room painting ideas can be numerous if you actually arrive at it.

An elegant matte finish or eggshell finish may be an excellent choice for a formal living room, while a textured or satin finish is sufficient for an informal finish. Another dimension can be created with the color of the ceiling. When the walls are darker, a brighter tone looks good to the ceiling. Unique architectural features should be highlighted with dark and bold colors. In the living room neutral colors can form a perfect background. Furniture and accessories can be kept in light and subdued tones for a different and contemporary look.

With dark gray and light purple tones you can make a stylistic statement. Blue and green tones in different shades can make the living room very sophisticated. A traditional look can be created with a combination of cream colored walls with a red carpet and furniture in cream and red. The perfect ideas for living room colors can be those that please your imagination and personality.

The right texture and color in your living room make it a happy and pleasant place to welcome family and friends alike.

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