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Lounge Chair

A lounge chair provides comfort and a pleasant sense of space. So if you are looking for coziness, you should get one. Here we present you the five most comfortable and classy lounge chairs that are available. Some of them can not only be put in your room, but also at the swimming pool of your house (if available) or on your penthouse terrace. Decide yourself!

The Zoe Chair

The Zoe Chair is a so-called beanbag. It does not have a very sophisticated design, but it is definitely the most comfortable chair there is. It is upholstered in fabric and usually the upholstery is removable. It looks good in both living rooms and bedrooms.

The gravity chair

This chair manages to be comfortable and have impressive designs. It is also usually a multipurpose article. It can be used lying down or as a rocking chair. Not only that, the chair also seems to defy gravity, thanks to its remarkable design. It also has several other impressive features.

The nest chair

These are colorful and chic pieces. Almost all of them have a simple design and are actually futon mattresses. They combine Japanese design elements with Western furniture designs. These are very comfortable lounge chairs that can also be converted into guest beds.

Egg chair

The Egg Chair was designed by Arne Jacobson in 1958 and is one of the most comfortable lounge chairs in the world. It has a tilt mechanism that allows you to relax and unwind. It is also available in different fabrics and colors.

The cradle

Cradle is a very nice and comfortable chair that feels incredibly comfortable. You can cuddle up in it and take a nap. It can even be described as a fashionable and modern alternative for a rocking chair.

These were the five types of lounge chairs, which are not only visually stunning, but also comfortable to use. Which one do you choose ?!

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