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A formal shirt or shirt is a collared garment that opens full-length at the front and is fastened with buttons or shirt buttons. Formal shirts are made of woven fabric such as cotton, linen, silk, wool or with fibers made from a polyester blend and are worn by men under a coat or jacket on formal occasions, but can also be worn casually.

The formal shirts are indicated by the collar style like flared collars, which are generally a bit wide, narrow, or straight, and by the button-down collars that are attached to the front of the shirt with small buttons. Sometimes formal shirts have a collar of a contrasting color that is generally white on a colored, striped, or patterned shirt.

The collar insert can be fused or unfused depending on the stiffness or softness you need for comfort. Formal shirt cuffs are fastened with buttons or cufflinks, or they can simply be folded back. The shirts are embroidered so that the egg yolk or the back shoulder of the shirt have a different pattern or the stripe or check can be placed in a contrasting manner.

The quality of a shirt can also be checked by how well the check and stripe pattern is lined at the seams. For formal shirts the buttons should be made of mother-of-pearl because of their sheen, but other buttons such as horn or plastic can also be used. Always make sure that the top button is narrow to make buttoning your shirt easier. A formal white shirt looks really great as evening wear under a coat or otherwise.

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