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The name Michael Kors has stood for high-quality, fashionable luxury accessories since 1981. Bradshaw watches are a popular watch in their signature arcade dedicated exclusively to both sexes.

Fashion and style have only been associated with women for decades, and Michael Kors’ Bradshaw watches have misled the assumption that beauty is only for women. Michael Kors Bradshaw watches are ideal bracelets that add perfection to this title.

Bradshaw watches have been made using traces of traditional design along with a blend of feminine sensibility and a touch of men’s fashion. The watch conveys the feeling of heritage in a wrist through the fine engraving of Roman numerals and the oversized bezel. In order to increase the sporty feeling, the watch is designed with chronographic accents.

Michael Kors watches are known for their exquisite design and high quality functions. Bradshaw watches go with any look, whether it’s sophisticated, stylish clothes or a girl next door, even with the funky and simple weekend chic.

Michael Kors Bradshow watches have some standout features that they successfully list with some top designer wristwatches available worldwide. The Bradshaw watch is a medium-sized watch with a stainless steel case that gives the impression of strength and elegance at the same time. The case size is 36mm and fits almost any wrist size.

The main reason to buy this watch is that it is water resistant up to 10 ATM. This feature enables the watch to be an accessory for all seasons without affecting the durability of the watch. Michael Kors watches are guaranteed for two years. If a defect or problem occurs within this period, the company assumes the responsibility to replace or repair the watch under certain conditions absolutely free of charge.

Michael Kors watches are of imported quality and are valued with zeal around the world. The clocks are a must for every accessory wardrobe to be stylish and envious of other eyes. Wearing Michael Kors’ signature is a fad today. When you are the owner of this watch, confidence and sophistication will automatically be your style statement.

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