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Michael Kors is a big brand in the world of wristwatches and known for their quality insured products. MK 5128 is another medal in its hugely popular arcade and one of the best-selling wristwatches.

Michael Kors is one of the top designers in the luxury accessories segment. His signature brand is known worldwide for its unique design and high quality. MK 5128 is one such time of peace that is very noticeable and popular with girls of all ages. The watch is famous for its diving brand and you can swim with this watch without fear of damage.

The popularity of the Michael Kors MK 5128 makes this watch a great demand. As a diver watching it can work at depths of around 100 meters. The beautiful MK 5128 runway is definitely a spark with its style. The bracelet is polished and shiny and the design is absolutely flawless. It was specially developed for the feminine look and everyday clothing.

Michael Kors MK 5128 has some very noticeable features like water resistance and you can enjoy water, rain or swimming with the watch. The case diameter is 38 mm, which makes the watch comfortable on all wrist sizes. The metal stamp and the housing material of the MK 5128 are made of stainless steel and the claps are equipped with a push button safety device. This watch has a gold dial with very bright pink hands. The bezel is even held in rose gold. Arabic numerals have been engraved into MK 51288 to give it a unique look. The date is displayed between 4 and 5 o’clock, making it very easy to keep track of the date and time. Michael Kors MK 5128 is equipped with a Japanese quartz movement, while the mineral crystal used in the watch is scratch-resistant.

The MK 5128 wristwatch is a slim wristwatch with a case thickness of only 133 mm. The only downside to the product is its price, but for its looks and characteristics, the price is really not significant at all. This is a masterpiece in the designer wristwatch segment. If you are an admirer of wristwatches, this watch is made especially for you.

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