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Mission Style Furniture

The use of mission-style furniture will give your home a natural and warm feel. Its linear and simple design blends in well with any color theme. The rustic look of mission-style furniture makes them perfect for use in bungalows and craft houses. Houses with stone accents and exposed beams also look good with mission-style furniture.

  1. Supplements and colors

Color is a key factor in the selection of furniture. Mission-style furniture is available in medium and muted tones. These are also available in the colors orange, blue, red, green and taupe. For an elegant background, wallpaper with floral patterns can be combined with mission-style furniture.

  1. Mood and space

Mission-style furniture is made of sturdy oak. This can improve the room and the mood. These are supplied with covers, which are often made of canvas and are also provided with copper fittings. With earth tones, the color scheme of the room can complement the color tones of the furniture to give the room a warm feel.

  1. Balance and lighting

Use a lighting that highlights the warmth of the rustic furniture. Use chandeliers, lamps, and stained-glass windows that lend life and color to the space in which mission-style furniture has been set up. You can visually open the room by placing smaller lights around the room. Consider using stoneware, ceramics, candle holders and vases to accentuate the appearance of the room. Linear patterns can also enhance the appearance of the room in which the furniture was placed.

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