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The current trend in men’s winter jackets combines both a modern sense of fashion and superior cold protection technology. The jackets on the market today are a far cry from the jackets a few decades ago. Jackets are no longer just a piece of winter clothing, but part of a person’s fashion statement.


Some of the types of insulated jackets are: Men’s Diamond Turbodown Jacket, Box Quilt Jacket, Men’s Reversible Half-Life Jacket, Men’s Frost Fighter Jacket, Men’s Turbo Liner Jacket, and Men’s Ridgestone Jacket. These are quilted jackets designed to protect against extreme cold.


Men’s winter jackets can be of medium weight, such as Levi’s hooded trucker jacket, Packable Down Midweight jacket from Xersion, Docker’s packable quilted jacket, Levi’s faux leather hooded jacket, and softshell jacket from Columbia.

Heavyweight jackets include the St. John Bay puffer jacket, Columbia Rapid Excursion jacket, Zero Xposur carbon stretch jacket, IZOD puffer jacket, Columbia Dome Mountain jacket, Columbia canvas parka jacket and the diamond quilted puffer jacket with hood by IZOD.

Men’s winter jackets are usually lined with fur or foam to provide additional protection from the cold. Most of the hoods are removable. You can also have two or three buttons in addition to the zip-down system. They come in a variety of colors from dark blue to black. The heavily quilted or heavy jackets are usually preferred in regions where temperatures reach freezing point or below.

There are many online stores where customers can wear jackets every time in winter.

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