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Modernshag Carpet

Shag carpets have a fabric that has a shaggy resemblance. Shags rugs are very popular for the soft feel that they offer. With shaggy carpets, each room can be given a cozy touch. What distinguishes one Shag rug from the other is that it has long yarn fibers that adhere to the carpet in irregular patterns. This of course gives the carpet a messy appearance.

Shag rugs are available in a variety of fibers such as cotton, wool and acrylic. These are available in mini, short and long. These carpets must not be exposed to constant and direct sunlight for maintenance and general maintenance. To avoid wear, these carpets must be turned occasionally.

Shag rugs provide a soft and soft feel. These are soft to the touch and it feels no less than heavenly to walk on them. These make the ambience of a house more inviting. These are very popular and therefore readily available. These can be used in areas where frequent movements occur. Wool rugs are naturally dirt-repellent, insulating and durable. These insulate the floors and are ideal for use in winter. These can become the center of attention in any contemporary environment. With the soft feel and comfort, these made a stylish addition to the decor.

Shag rugs require proper care. It is important to suck regularly. Spots or spilled material must be removed immediately. Shaggy rugs tend to shed their fibers initially. This decreased after frequent use.

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