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Office Chair Mats


Office chair mat is a pad that is placed under the chair. There are simply countless reasons to use a chair mat. Office chair mats are available in different shapes and sizes. Bigger means there is more room for chairs to roll around. The exciting thing about office chair mats is that they are available in many materials.

They are available in colored variants. In that case, you can choose the one that fits perfectly with the peripherals, especially the ground. Office chair is also available with a clear material if you want to see the floor or carpet despite the existing chair mat. Some materials depend on the hardness of the soil. On slippery floors, chair mats have rubber dots that prevent them from slipping. Most chair mats also have a lip on one side so it slides under your desk.


The most important feature of any office chair mat is that it prevents static electricity. This means that the static charge can not be transferred to your electrical device, which can be dangerous to both you and your device. You may be shocked and your device's memory may be erased. Chair mats absorb these static charges by grounding them. Office chair mats prevent the wheels of the chair from leaving stains on the beautiful floor that carpet or wood furniture might have. Apart from these, just in case you spill or drop something off your work table, there is always an office chair mat to protect the floor.


It is very important for an occupant to be able to slip around in his chair without destroying the floor or the carpet underneath. Office chair mats just let it happen. Apart from the fact that the person and their devices are protected against static transmission, these mats have rounded edges, so that nobody is injured. These also have very grounded corners, so no one accidentally stumbles over it. For each office, these chair mats are a very important piece of furniture.

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