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Outdoor Furniture

The outdoor furniture must have certain characteristics to withstand the external conditions. The interior conditions of a house are very different from the outside conditions, so that the furniture, such. As dinnerware outdoors, must be taken carefully.

Strength and durability

It's the first and most important quality you should look for in an outdoor dining furniture set. It has to be durable and have a high tensile strength.

Abe, Minor Falls to resist

The material for the construction of the outdoor dining set must be a little flexible, so that the furniture does not break if they accidentally fall down.

insect Resistant

The garden furniture set up in the gardens are more susceptible to insects and worms. There is always a risk that the insect eats up the furniture, so the garden furniture must be insect resistant.


The garden furniture should be weather-resistant. So that they can withstand the climatic conditions.


The garden furniture sets are mainly made of teak wood. It can be easily pickled and has a high tensile strength. The teak is very tough and weather resistant. The garden furniture is made of teak wood because they are a bit flexible and can withstand light falls. In addition, the garden furniture looks attractive and attractive and can serve to guarantee a good meal time with your friends and family. The outdoor food sets are mostly on lawns and in gardens because the plants have a calm and quiet effect. The arrangement in the open air contributes significantly to the value of your property.

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