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Patio Umbrellas

Parasols are useful for shading your furniture. They protect your furniture from direct sunlight, snow or rain. The parasol is a larger version of the parasol and can therefore provide shade to more than one person. The umbrellas are mainly used on the beach sides and at the pools.

There are different types of umbrellas from which you can choose according to your needs. These patio umbrellas often fall under the four main categories such as normal patio umbrellas, cantilever chairs, skyline and thatched patio umbrellas based on the structure.

Regular umbrellas

These are oval or circular, simple umbrellas, often supplied with or without a retractable roof. They are often placed in the middle of the patio tables through a hole. Other shapes such as squares can also be found.

Thatched umbrellas

These types of umbrellas are permanently anchored to the ground and can no longer be moved when installed between the patio tables. Therefore, you must choose the design carefully before buying thatched umbrellas because they can not be removed. The atmosphere of Hawaii can be brought by installing these types of straw umbrellas.


This type of parasol is best for tables without stringers. Thus, you can easily change the screen, without having to remove the Kragarmsystem.

Skyline Umbrellas

This kind of umbrellas is perfect for the furniture that is put in the corner. These are useful to save space because they do not contain a load-bearing structure. They are useful to give shade in a small space.

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