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Pocket Doors Ideas

Did you know that the frame pocket door is an important step in installing a concealed door? In addition, this is one of the easiest ways to maximize the living space and make your room look versatile. In addition, the framing of your pocket door is a home improvement technique that you can do personally.

Before framing your pocket door, make sure there are no pipes or electrical wires on the wall. If these devices exist, you can either redirect them or look for alternative ways to frame your pocket doors.

Replace the existing header

First you need to remove the door jamb by cutting through the nails with a saber saw, carefully remove the wall plate with a wood cutting knife and make sure you make a flat cut so as not to damage the wall plate.

The next step is removing the door, and you can do this conveniently by pulling on the bar. By removing the existing door, you can also easily access the washers when setting up the new attachment.

Use your saw to remove the existing attachment and cut the pins to make room for the pocket door frame. It is also important to determine the exact height of the existing header, as this gives you a rough idea of ​​the height of the new header. Build your new header, then trim the top of the new lugs to provide the necessary support.

Complete the installation of your new bag doors by following all instructions given by the instructor.

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