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Go fabulous with the 2017 ball gowns

This season showcases the style of prom dresses 2017 to make your prom awesome. You can find a simple but sober look in the 2015 ball gowns as these dresses do not have any stone work or other artificial work on the piece of fabric.

Fashion is always changing and in 2017 you will see a merging of the older and new fashion worlds. As the design of the dresses has changed, the color combinations and patterns have changed at the same time. And if you change these things above, you will also have to change the accessories you choose. Therefore, the mix-and-match combination in the ball gowns of 2015 was changed.

Check out some design features from 2017:

The designer back:

On prom night 2017 you will see some open back dresses, more like thanthese; Girls like designer back style. A single strap on the back or a triangular back is fashionable. The theme is to show your back, but with a different style. So don’t wear a backless ball gown, choose a dress that will make you stand out from the crowd.

Decorative upper part:

In 2017, evening dress, you see a decorative top with a simple and open bottom. The design of the bottom is so simple that the attraction goes to the upper part. So you should choose an off-the-shoulder or off-the-shoulder dress to make it look more attractive and elegant. And if you want to draw attention to your sexy legs, go for a short dress.

Balloon type below:

Prom Night 2017 is all about showing your sweet and innocent side. The bottom of these dresses is open and seen in a balloon style. So you can move around easily with these and dance with a man.

The light color:

Designers choose light shades for this event. Light pink, sea green, sky color, etc. are considered the best for prom night. In light colors, a girl looks attractive and quite innocent. In addition, it looks simple and convenient at the same time.

The light make-up:

In order to attend prom night 2017, it was suggested to put on light makeup. Light dress and light makeup, a perfect combination. This season, eye makeup is all the rage. Girls decorate their eyes in many ways, but they still adopt simple styles.

The accessories:

To choose the accessories for prom night 2017, you have to be selective. This year, more emphasis is placed on the accessories than on the dress. So be trendy and wise while picking up accessories. The open look is trendy when it comes to hairstyles.

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