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The Relogio Bulova watch collection from this respected brand offers a variety of masculine designs. This famous watch brand, known for several collections that offer flawless timekeeping, offers great timepieces for both discerning men and women. This brand has been offering masterpieces for the world of watches since the 1960s.

Features of the collection

Each collection is characterized by special features. This particular watch collection offers different styles and designs that appeal to men in particular. Many of the masterpieces from this collection are featured below to give you an idea of ​​what can be found in this line of watches from this brand.

If you love the dark shades of brown, you will surely love this model. This watch shows a patterned dial in brown with a matching brown nylon strap. The screwed bezel and the stopwatch buttons are further special features of this watch.

This is a famous model that flaunts the precision technology. This silver-tone stainless steel chronograph watch is a watch for connoisseurs who value the accuracy of timekeeping.

This watch belongs to the Bulova Marine Star series. The dial and the outer dial in an amazing blue hue form a stark contrast to the steel bracelet of the watch. The gold-plated chains, screws and markings set the watch apart.

This Bulova watch is a reinforced watch model in a hexagonal case and comes with a screwed case. With rubber bands and a black titanium steel case, this is a beautiful watch.

For those who need chronograph functions to measure time down to milliseconds and in various shapes, this steel chronograph watch with rubber strap is sure to meet those needs.

When you look at a sleek yet masculine watch, it is sure to pay the bill. With its rose gold-plated case and indexes, the leather strap forms a unique watch.

This Bulova watch reflects the love of the masses. These include luminous dials, sub-dials with a chronograph function, steel bracelet with gold accents and much more. It’s a unique combination of technology and artistic traits.

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